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    Are you aware: Uranus*?

 It is slowly moving towards its major alignment with the solar stars (planet) this year.

This will cause a dynamic impact on the earth
and humanity as a whole.

Uranus is now in the first house of the natural Zodiac, Aries, where
of course, Aries rules the head.

The planet Uranus rules the unexpected,

the harsh reality of changes that must be made in our lives, our thoughts, our minds.

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*Uranus is the farthest planet from the Sun, but it's influence is entirely metaphysical. 

It affects the sublimated life forces in the physical body to prepare them for the highest metaphysical use. 

This influential Solar Star (Planet) is positioned in Aries, where it will remain for the next Seven (7) years!!

Aries rules the head, and now Uranus' greatest attributes will be felt. 
This can produce strange effects on the mind and in the lives of individuals.

This can be an exciting time for you, filled with potential ambitions to be realized or it can be a time of recklessness and rash decision making.

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